ITP History & Testimonial

Internship & Training Program - Summer 2012

"I had a wonderful experience in tech innovates during Internship & Training Program that I would recommend to any technical students. The Internship & Training Program is well organized. Everyone in the office is so welcoming and willing to help. Second, I was able to obtain invaluable hands-on experience ."

As a soon to be engineering graduate, I was able to see first hand what it would be like to be a practicing. The realization that I could practice and enjoy it stems from the underlying technical philosophy . Instead of simply knowing the technical problem, this office takes a holistic approach in which they treat their interns as individuals who likely need more than practical help. If you want to experience that is full of hardworking people who enjoy what they do this is the place for you."
plc & industrial Automation ,SIT-2012

Internship & Training Program - Winter 2011-12

My internship at "Tech Innovates" has taught me a lot, both professionally and personally. During the internship I had more practices about technical projects . The internship has offered a great outlook on the workings of an technical field, as well as insight into the practices of the tech innovates!!!!!!!!!.
embedded System Design,WIT-2011

"I had a great time interning with the Tech innovates. Though my time here was short, it was probably the best technical experience I have ever had. At first, I had a few reservations because I did not know what to expect or what kind of work I would be doing. Fortunately, the intern program is very well structured, and I still had the freedom to all activities. The support staff made this internship even more enjoyable. I was always greeted with a smile and everyone treated me with respect. The practical skills I have learned will last for the rest of the my technical career."
embedded Robotics,WIT-2011

Internship & Training Program - Winter 2014-15

"Technology must be like Oxygen:Ubiquitous, necessary & invisible."

100% hand on training, mini projects at each step, exposure to live projects, sessions by experts, works on latest technology, works on latest hardware, learn latest design tools, learn 'how to learn'

Welcome to Internship & Training Program - Winter 2014-15 :
Internship & Training Program - Winter 2014-15 by Tech Innovates with 100% hands on training program with live project experience. This Internship program is for Engineering Students studying BE/ BTech/ ME/ MTech/ MCA/ Polytechnic/ Diploma in ECE, EEE, EIE, CSE, IT, Mechatronics and other related branches. This program is offered in various novel technologies: Robotics, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Industrial Automation and Java & Android App Development. This program is offered in two major electronics hub cities. This program can be converted to Industrial Training or Implant Training and relevant certificate will be provided for the same.

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