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Mini Project List

S.No. Project Code Project Title
1. MP01 Infra-ray Based Control System
2. MP02 Intelligent automatic plant Irrigation system with water pump control
3. MP03 A Control Design for Vehicle speed with Multilevel using RF Technology
4. MP04 Digital Dice Game Project
5. MP05 Inter Integrated Circuit Mini Project
6. MP06 RF based servo and DC Motor Controller system for spy plane Project
7. MP07 SMS Based electrical billing System
8. MP08 Linear Induction Motor Used For Two Wheeler Application
9. MP09 IUPQC (Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner)
10. MP010 VOICE chip APR9600 Interfacing with 8051 MICRO CONTROLLER
11. MP011 Book Picking Library Robot
12. MP012 Frequency counter Using 8051 Microcontroller
13. MP013 Automation Fan and Light Control For Industrial Appliances
14. MP014 Multichannel Wireless PLC Based DC Motor Protection
15. MP015 Nanotechnology in Waste Water Treatment
16. MP016 Time Operated Appliances Control
17. MP017 Microcontroller Based Digital Clock with Alarm Project
18. MP018 Wireless Data and Voice Communication through Infrared-LED
19. MP019 Remote Controlled Electronic Switching System
20. MP020 PC Based GPS Microcontroller Project
21. MP021 PC Based Appliances Controller
22. MP022 Optimization and Automation of Water Cooling Facility Using PLC
23. MP023 Project on Online Clock Skew Scheme for Asynchronous Wave-Pipelined Circuits Using FPGA
24. MP024 Office Automation System
25. MP025 Obstruction Detection & Auto Solving Vehicle
26. MP026 Obstacle Avoiding Robot using 8051
27. MP027 Neural Networks for Location Prediction in Mobile Networks
28. MP028 Network Security Protocol with Cryptography and RFID System
29. MP029 Network Communication System
30. MP030 Muscular Stimulator Electronics
31. MP031 Multiuser SMS Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board
32. MP032 Moving Object Detection Based On Kirsch Operator Combined With Optical Flow
33. MP033 Mobile Tracking System
34. MP034 Mobile Phone Power Management System
35. MP035 Mobile Internet Technology for Intelligent Transportation Systems
36. MP036 Mobile Communication Cell Electronics Project
37. MP037 Microcontroller Based Plant Irrigation System
38. MP038 Microcontroller Based Automation of Drip Irrigation System
39. MP039 Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock
40. MP040 Machine Understanding of Indian Spoken Languages
41. MP041 Long Flashover Arrester (LFA)
42. MP042 Location Management in Mobile Computing Systems
43. MP043 Location Based Spatial Query Processing In Wireless Broadcast Environments
44. MP044 Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller
45. MP045 Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR)
46. MP046 Line Man Security system Electronics And Communication
47. MP047 LCD Interfacing Using At89c51 Industrial Training at BSNL
48. MP048 Lasers for Wireless Power Transmission
49. MP049 KLT Feature Tracking Algorithm in Embedded Hardware
50. MP050 Jetking Computer Hardware Networking Institute
51. MP051 ECE Project on IR Based Trace Passing Alarm
52. MP052 Interfacing GSM Mobile to PC to Send the SMS from PC
53. MP053 Intelligent Vehicular Monitoring Using Multi-Hop Wireless System
54. MP054 Intacell a Fully Adaptive Approach To Smart Antennas
55. MP055 Initialization Based Test Pattern Generation For Asynchronous Circuits
56. MP056 Inferring Body Pose without Tracking Body Parts
57. MP057 Impact of Rushing attack on Multicast in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
58. MP058 Image for Conclead Weapon Detection
59. MP059 Image Retrieval Using Segmentation
60. MP060 FM Based Campus Communication System
61. MP061 Mobile Switching Device Using DTMF
62. MP062 IR-2110 based square wave inverter by using 555 Timer
63. MP063 PLC Controlled In D1 Charging Conveyor For Blast Furnace In Vizag Steel Plant
64. MP064 Industrial Robot Using Micro Controller
65. MP065 Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor
66. MP066 project on Overview of Srisailam Powerhouse and 220KV Switchyard
67. MP067 Industrial Power Management System
68. MP068 Solar Electric Charge Controller and Portable Power Supply
69. MP069 Single Dc Motor Speed Control By Tv Remote
70. MP070 Energy Saving Systems For Railway Platforms
71. MP071 Scada Based Intelligent Multi Parameter Monitoring System With Lcd Display
72. MP072 Ac Induction Motor Speed Control Using Constant V/F Method
73. MP073 Automatic Ac Light Control Using Triac
74. MP074 Automatic Power Meter Reading System Using Gsm Network
75. MP075 PWM Based Automobile Braking System With Distance Measurement
76. MP076 Prepaid Energy Meter Using Smart Card
77. MP077 Monitoring Different Processes Using SCADA
78. MP078 Speed Control Of D. C. Motor Using Thyristor Dual Converter
79. MP079 Gsm Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System
80. MP080 Temperature Controlled Fan Using Micro Controller
81. MP081 Electronic Voting Machine
82. MP082 Development Of Fire Fighting Robot For Fire Accident Rescue
83. MP083 Embedded Temperature Based Fan Speed Controller using 8051 Microcontroller
84. MP084 Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication
85. MP085 Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control Using IR Communication
86. MP086 Controlling Power Grid System Using GSM Wireless Communication
87. MP087 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System using GSM
88. MP088 AC Motor Speed Control Using Power TRIAC With Display Unit
89. MP089 PC Based Substation Monitoring and Control System
90. MP090 PWM Based Bidirectional Speed Control of DC Motor
91. MP091 Induction Motor Speed Control by Pulse Width Modulation Technique
92. MP092 Fan Speed Control By rc5 TV remote
93. MP093 Device Switching by Using the TV Remote System.
94. MP094 Electrical Appliances Control Through RFID
95. MP095 Automatic Humidity Monitoring And Pumping System For Farmers
96. MP096 Digital Energy Meter with Auto Limiting Of Load System
97. MP097 Intensity Control Of Room System
98. MP098 Micro Controller Based Device Control System
99. MP099 Optimal Voltage Change Indicator for Mobile through Solar System
100. MP0100 Designing Equipment For Substation Monitoring And Controlling
101. MP0101 Wire Less Power Meter Reading System Using Zigbee
102. MP0102 Capacitor Bank Type Power Factor Control System
103. MP0103 Mobile Operated Field Motor Control System.
104. MP0104 Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and IR Control Functions OMNI Directional Mobile Robot
105. MP0105 Solar Tracking System For Optimal Power Generation Embedded System Project
106. MP0106 Mobile Operated Scada For Industries Embedded System Project
107. MP0107 Development Of Advanced Embedded System For Water Level Control In Tanks
108. MP0108 Object Detecting And Following Robot
109. MP0109 A Low Cost Microcontroller Implementation of Neural Network Based Hurdle Avoidance Controller for a Car-Like Robot
110. MP0110 Development of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System
111. MP0111 Design and development of Mobile phone for blind/old people
112. MP0112 Final Year Project On Account Tracking System
113. MP0113 Simulation With VHDL and Code Generation
114. MP0114 Wireless Electrical Appliances Control System Using IR Communication
115. MP0115 Digital Sound Recorder With AVR and Data Flash
116. MP0116 Electrical Final Year Project On Simple Fire Alarm
117. MP0117 Stores Management System Project
118. MP0118 Remote Controlled Switch with Secret Code Lock Project
119. MP0119 Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication For Wireless Sensor Networks
120. MP0120 Design Of 7 TAP FIR Filter Using HDL And Analysis Using MATLAB
121. MP0121 Design and Implementation of Butter worth Filter Using VHDL AMS
122. MP0122 Implementation OF CDMA Signaling Technique Using MatLab
123. MP0123 Design And Implementation Of A Digital To Analog Converter Using VHDL AMS
124. MP0124 Implementation Of DCT and IDCT Technique On Image Compression Using VHDL
125. MP0125 Design Of DDR SDRAM Using Verilog HDL
126. MP0126 Design And Implementation OF a PLL Using VHDL AMS
127. MP0127 FPGA Implementation of USB Receiver in HDL
129. MP0129 Design and Implementation Of PC Operated Flying Robot
130. MP0130 Design and development OF FPRS, keypad based ATM Security system
131. MP0131 Real time Atomization of Agriculture Environment
132. MP0132 Optical Data Transfer between Computer and Micro controller via Fiber optic
133. MP0133 Design And Development Of Secured Wireless Data Communication
134. MP0134 Development Of Remote Waste Gas Monitor System
135. MP0135 Multi Sensor Strategies to Assist Blind People using A Clear Path Indicator
136. MP0136 Robust And Efficient Password Authenticated Key Agreement Using Smart Cards
137. MP0137 Development of Advanced Embedded System for Accident Avoidance
138. MP0138 Real time Pedestrian Detection and Tracking at Night Time for Driver Assistance System
139. MP0139 Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miners
140. MP0140 New Technology For HVDC Start-Up and Operation Using VSC-HVDC System
141. MP0141 Possibility of Power Tapping From Composite AC-DC Power Transmission Lines
142. MP0142 Enhancing The Available Transfer Capability From Source
143. MP0143 IEEE Base Paper on Fuzzified Particle Swarm Optimization
144. MP0144 S-Transform to Monitor Power Quality project
145. MP0145 DC-DC Converter Adequate for Alternative Supply System
146. MP0146 Speed Control of Induction Machine in Wind Energy Systems
147. MP0147 Enhancement of Voltage Quality in Isolated Power Systems
148. MP0148 Stability In Power Systems Project
149. MP0149 Controlling Power Flow in three phase Transmission System
150. MP0150 Reactive Power Compensation In railways Using Active Impedance Concept
151. MP0151 New Technology for High Voltage Direct current using VSC-HVDC System
152. MP0152 IEEE Project on Unified Power Flow
153. MP0153 Online Monitoring system of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based On GSM SMS and Zigbee
154. MP0154 Method of Measuring Power Quality and Development of Monitor Device
155. MP0155 Controlling Ac Lamp Dimmer Through Mobile
156. MP0156 A Wireless Design of Low Cost Irrigation System Using ZIGBEE Technology
157. MP0157 Touch Screen Based Digital Devices Control System
158. MP0158 Touch Screen Controlled Motor Speed And Direction Controlling System
159. MP0159 GPS Based Highway Vehicle Monitoring System
160. MP0160 Embedded GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System
161. MP0161 Traffic Announcement through GSM Networks
162. MP0162 Secured GSM Based Automatic Water Level Warning System
163. MP0163 Password Protected GSM Based Device GSM Based Device Control
164. MP0164 Real Time Implementation Of Finger Print Based Authentication
165. MP0165 Remote Areas Data Acquisition Using RF Module
166. MP0166 Blue tooth based data logger
167. MP0167 Robot using Bluetooth
168. MP0168 Microcontroller based MP3 player
169. MP0169 Access Control System Using I-Button With Secret Lock System
170. MP0170 Wireless Chatting Using RF
171. MP0171 Modern house automation (AC/DC) using RF communication
172. MP0172 Token Number Display System Using IR
173. MP0173 Home automation (AC/DC) using PC interface
174. MP0174 Wireless Vehicle trace using IF and IR
175. MP0175 Automatic Control For Unmanned Railway Gate
176. MP0176 LDR based Power saving system project
177. MP0177 Micro controller based standalone temperature measurement system
178. MP0178 RFID Based Office attendance Logger
179. MP0179 Robot Pick And Place Projects
180. MP0180 Micro Controller Based Temperature Monitoring And Control
181. MP0181 PC Based Data Acquisition System Using SPI and I2C protocol
182. MP0182 LPG Gas Detection Projects
183. MP0183 Super Intelligent Robot Using Smoke Sensor and Light Projects
184. MP0184 Industrial Safety Measures System With Sensors And Webcam
185. MP0185 Vehicle Accessing Using Authentication
186. MP0186 RFID Based Home/Office security system
187. MP0187 Blind Stick Robot projects
188. MP0188 Autonomous ROBOT
189. MP0189 Fire Sensing and Control Robotics
190. MP0190 Electronic code lock with user defined password using 8051 microcontroller
191. MP0191 How to interface computer's Serial Port (RS232) with 8051 microcontroller
192. MP0192 Digital clock using 8051 microcontroller
193. MP0193 LCD based digital alarm clock with digital thermometer using 8051 microcontroller
194. MP0194 Celsius scale digital thermometer using 8051 microcontroller
195. MP0195 Automatic bidirectional visitor counter using 8051 microcontroller
196. MP0196 LCD Digital Clock Using 8051 Microcontroller
197. MP0197 Eight- Candidate quiz buzzer Using 8051 Microcontroller
198. MP0198 Stopwatch using 8051 microcontroller
199. MP0199 Seven segment based alarm clock using 8051 microcontroller

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